For the past two weeks, I’d been feeling under the weather, and not a “little tired,” more “kill me now.” I hadn’t been able to shake the feeling. So I asked the question I’d been avoiding: Why?

1. Since we were still in the process of moving apartments, I hadn’t been cooking; we’ve been relying on frozen foods and fast food to supply our nutrition. While we try to be smart about this (i.e. Subway, Salads), it’s still not optimal.

2. I dislocated my kneecap (don’t worry it happens…lifestyles of the young and decrepit) so I haven’t been doing my morning jog with the puppy. I haven’t even been stretching though, either.

3. I haven’t taken any vitamins unless I’m sick in about six years.

The main thing that gets between most of us and our health, is cost. Good food can be expensive. Gym memberships are both expensive and uncomfortable. I want to sweat and get all nasty when I work out, not worry about watching my butt for random weirdos. Don’t get me started on all of the supplements out there! I have a family member that was spending $200 a month on vitamins and supplements. That’s my car payment!

There are great ways to limit, or even eliminate the high cost of staying healthy. Some financial output may be necessary, but amortized over a hopefully long life, is worth it. Over the next couple weeks, MT will be focusing on changing your health, while on a budget. Recipes, tips, and a new format will be released. Thank you for your readership.

Photo Courtesy of Ingorr