Good Morning Everyone.  It’s Tuesday and it’s time for another post in our “Me, My College Education, and My Money” series.  So far we have talked about how to chose the best college for us, how important it is to chose the right program of study, how to use our time wisely while in College, as well as how to graduate from College (nearly) debt free.

Today we are discussing how we can succeed in college.  Today Green Panda is going to provide you with a base plan and the necessary tools to help you get the most out of your time in college and how to succeed while in college as well as after graduation.

Stay Focused in College

Our primary focus in college is of course getting a great education.  But the truth is that there are so many other important aspects that we have to learn about in college.  As a college graduate trust me when I say that if you only keep your nose in the books for four years and you don’t make any friends or experience the college social life then you will be very sorry after graduation.

I know that we will get out of our college education what we put into our time in college, and I am thankful that I have a great job to show for my hard work during my college years.  However, I spent so much time working and studying in college that I really didn’t get to have a real college experience. I wish that I could have made more great friends and that I could have more free time and time to socialize.  I wish that I wasn’t always running from class to work then back to class during my four years of college, but I know that working during college is a reality for a lot of college students.

Make The Most out of Your College Years

We have to make the most out of our short four years in college, this includes getting a great education but it also includes making great professional and personal connections.  We all go to college to get a good job.  But nowadays being a college graduate is not enough to guarantee that we will automatically get a job right after graduation.  Employers are looking for intelligence, relevant work experience, as well as someone with a great personality.  In my experience our resume with our education, work experience, personal skills, and volunteer activities can only get us an interview.  Our personality and our ability to communicate with others are the qualities that will get us the job.

In order to get a great job we have to make the right connections in college; in order to do this we have to make the most out of our college years by meeting people.  The best way to meet people in college is to join student associations.  We can also join a mentoring program in our program of study which will allow us to meet and get guidance from older students who have lived through our experiences.

One of the most valuable assets in college is our relationship with our professors. Although I already had a job in my field while studying in college, I still benefited greatly from the relationships that I formed with a few of my college professors.  As I performed well in their classes they asked me to assist them with various administrative tasks in my final years of college, this allowed me to gain work experience as well as spend time in my professor’s office to build a relationship with them and their colleagues.  I definitely built up a nice network of contacts from the relationships with my college professors.

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