I went to the DMV yesterday to get a lien removed from the title. Since they only take cash or check (why?!), I brought my checkbook with me so I’d have the correct amount. Smart move.  I didn’t bring cash with me to DMV. Dumb move.

Planning your ATM trips can save you money in fees.

Planning your ATM trips can save you money in fees.



I waited in line until I was called.  After checking with her on the fee, I was told that I could write a check for $15 and then pay $5 in cash for the notary. She mentioned there was an ATM on the premises I could go to grab some cash and keep my place in line.

I wrote my check for $15; then went to the ATM at the DMV for the $5 notary fee. DMV ATM fees: $3. 

I think Wachovia will charge $2-3 on their side. By the way, I usually stop by the bank every other week or so to grab cash; just forgot to this week. So to pay a $5 fee in cash, I paid about $5 in bank fees.

My fault for not having cash, but I still don’t like the DMV setup. I don’t remember having a $5 cash notary fee in Virginia. Lesson learned: I’m going to carry some cash with me. 

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Photo Credit: Salim Virji