Photo Credit:  Aaron Edwards (Both Pictures)

As you probably figured from the title, we’re going out of town this week. My husband and I are going on an early 1 year anniversary vacation. We’re going to Disney World and I’m excited. My husband has never been there, so it’ll make this trip extra special.  The good news is the place where we’re staying at has high speed internet included, so I’ll post the activities on a daily basis. The goal for the vacation is to have a great and memorable time while still being frugal with our money. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, they can complement each other.

I think I might change my word choice to make it less confusing. For me frugal has a connotation of being conscious of where your money is going. You’re making sure you’re not wasting on frivolous things and saving for valuable things. What’s frivolous and what’s valuable is mainly subjective to each individual. We want to spend money to enjoy the trip and get gifts for family and friends, while not feeling guilty by overspending. It’s a vacation well needed and I’ll try to include some photos of our fun.


Some topics on my mind:

  • Packing/Preparing for a Road Trip (approx. 12 hour drive!)
  • Souvenir Shopping
  • Not Going Broke at Disney World
  • Sightseeing Inexpensively
  • Nightlife

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.