The summer is well underway which means that the novelty of summer vacation has worn off for a lot of us. We’re at that stage in summer when everyone’s just complaining that they’re bored. Snap out of it! Summer is the best season for enjoying fun free activities with your family or with a romantic partner.

Frugal Summer Fun Ideas for Families

There are loads of different things that you can do with your kids that will keep all of you entertained without spending any money. Some great ideas include:

1. Do a family reading challenge. Make it a contest to see who can read the most books before the summer is over. Get your books for free from the library of course.

2. Go hunting for bugs or birds. You won’t kill them, of course. But you can take pictures of them or keep a diary logging what you see. Lots of cool creatures come out during the summer months and your kids will love the excuse to go find them with you.

3. Check out free days at local museums. Many museums offer free admission days during the summer. It’s a great way to get in out of the heat with your kids.

4. Go to a U-pick farm. Take the kids out to a farm for the day where you can pick fresh produce for cheap. Include the cost in your usual grocery budget so it’s not an additional summer expense.

5. Host a potluck at your place. Summer is such a fun time to get together with groups for barbecues and lazy evenings. Make it a potluck so that it doesn’t cost you anything.

Frugal Summer Fun Ideas for Couples

Summer isn’t just a great time for family activities. It’s also the perfect season for enjoying romance on the cheap. Some great ideas for couples to enjoy include:

1. Go to an outdoor movie or play. Almost every town has at least a few of these events during the summer. Take a blanket and cuddle up in the park for some free entertainment.

2. Check out an art gallery opening. Take your date to see some local art, drink free wine and converse about nothing together for a few hours.

3. Have a water fight. Sometimes it’s fun to be childlike again with your partner. Get outside in your swimsuits with a hose or some cheap water balloons and have a silly fight together. What a way to cool off (although it might make you both hot as well!)

4. Play music together. If you’re musically inclined then you can get out the instruments that you already own and spend your days making music. If you don’t own instruments, you can always sing together. Making art together, reading to one another or writing poetry to each other are other creative options to consider

5. Get outdoors. Hiking, picnicking and camping are all affordable ways to enjoy nature during the summer. Watching the sunset together or doing some nighttime stargazing are other options for people who want to snuggle up together this summer.

These are just a few of the activities that you can still do before the summer is over. Get creative and you’ll find that you don’t have to be bored and you don’t have to spend money to have a good time.

What are your summer fun tips?




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