I’ve been making quite a bit of progress in my packing ordeal, but I must admit I’ve hit a bit of a wall. No matter how many garage sales I have, I am always amazed at how much crap we have when we move.

Granted, there were the items I couldn’t sell at the last four garage sales for fear that a family member would come and see the wedding gift they gave us four years ago that we still haven’t used and been horribly offended. Since I don’t plan on living an ascetic life, I fear that I will always have knick-knacks and kitsch with me.

When I was talking to Mr. MT, I expressed my desire to light a giant bonfire with our remain possessions, and he said the words I wanted to hear most: “We don’t have to move everything.” It was like a giant flash of light, a complete epiphany. Just because I have it doesn’t mean I have to keep it and move it.


What I am keeping I have divided into the following categories:

Eat: All of our kitchen supplies and utensils are high quality. We have chef quality Kershaw knives, an expensive waterless cookware set, and a Kitchen-Aid mixer to start. The cost of replacing just these items would be well over $1000.

Sleep: That first night when you’re done moving I guarantee all you want is your bed, your pillow, and your favorite blankie.

Poop: All bathroom supplies are critical. You don’t want a rash from a random body wash your first week in a new place.

Wear: Assuming you wear any measure of quality clothes it is always better to keep your clothes then to buy new ones. Moving from the slightly toasty (ha ha) climate of Las Vegas to the occasionally rainy (hardy-har-har) climate of Portland will include some definite wardrobe additions. Luckily we’re moving in the summer which should mitigate some of these issues.

Irreplaceable Sentimental Value: I have a sandcastle that my Dad gave me. This little castle is almost two decades old and will stay with me until it deteriorate into fine blue sand. An antique sea chest that holds my family history will also be making the trip. After an unfortunate theft four years ago, I have far less sentimental possessions, but I still hold what’s precious to me, mementos from people who aren’t with me anymore.

At this rate I might have to move every few months just to keep my cabinets clear. I found statements from 1992! I swear to you! What sort of child freaks out that the IRS is going to want to see the statements from her $100 CD? Maybe I should go find more things to shred and throw out.

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