One of the biggest drains on a regular family’s budget is legal expenses. Many times something unexpected happens, like our car getting damaged because of the mechanic’s negligence. ( If you want to be brought up to speed, please read Part Two on the actions we took to get this situation resolved and Part Three on the response we got from the mechanic’s insurance company so far.)

One of the best ways to recoup some of your losses is going through the legal system. Unfortunately, it’s also very expensive. You can get charged $200/hour for a consultation! I don’t know many people that could afford that on a modest budget.

I found some resources on the web that offers free or low cost legal aid to people whose income cannot allow them to seek the legal aid that they need. I listed them by state to make it easier to find. I tried to load it up as is, but WordPress cut the list repeatedly. So instead here’s the link the legal resources list. I hope it help anyone who needs professional help, but cannot afford the costs.


If any one can help me get an Excel table up on WordPress, that would make my day. I’m also going to find a legal blogger that may be willing to answer some questions people may have as a working student and for those who are newly graduated. So if you have questions to ask or advice on WordPress, please leave a comment.

Thanks to Nyghtowl on Flickr for the wonderful pic!