Any business owner will know that keeping their overheads as low as possible is one sure-fire way of seeing profits and an increased turnover. While some outgoings are unavoidable, such as the rent of the premises, others can be reduced if you have a little know-how and can make a huge difference to your monthly budgets.


One major way to improve your overheads is to sign up for the best energy tariffs for your business’ circumstances. Whether you’ve moved into new premises recently, or it’s been a while since you looked into the unit cost of your energy, now would be an ideal time to see what you’re spending and whether you can reduce it. It’s a particularly problem with new office space – since moving your business to the new site, you may not have had chance to look into the energy being supplied there or the meter readings have been estimated and are, therefore, inaccurate.


Take a moment out of your day (or pop it in the diary for your PA to look into) and manage your energy provision so that it is beneficial to you and your business pocket. business gas from British Gas is one of the most competitive suppliers in the UK at the moment and definitely worth a look if you haven’t already. With plenty of perks involved in what they do, you could be saving money in no time.


One of the popular elements of gas provision is the option of fixed rate business gas that ensures competitively priced business gas that will be a constant price over the next one, two or three years.


Sure, the downfall of fixed price tariffs is ‘what if the standard unit cost goes down?’ and yes, if it does drop, you will be paying over the odds until the end of the plan, but the way things are going, energy prices may continue to rise and a fixed rate plan will ensure your payments don’t.


Over 500,000 businesses in the UK choose the fixed rate plan for their company and it’s easy to see why. Find out more information via the British Gas website, today.

Jesse Michelsen

Jesse Michelsen