My husband and I have all sorts of hobbies.  My husband is a sports official and enjoys Curling, the ice sport.  I have pet sitting and blogging.  We both enjoy traveling and occasional gambling.  And we really enjoy eating.

Finding the Foods

Our main vacations are in Las Vegas, Louisiana, and taking cruises out of Galveston.  We’re also taking our second trip to New Orleans.

In Las Vegas or New Orleans, food is abundant but you get to have fun finding the best.  In Vegas, we enjoy the buffet at Fitzgeralds since it is delicious and $10 per person.  Plus, we don’t have to take too long if we are having fun at the Pai Gow tables.  We also enjoy the $1 fried Oreos on the old strip.  In New Orleans, it’s all about Café Du Monde’s beignets!  We also have enjoyed Mike Anderson’s steaks.

On cruises, the food is everywhere.  Our favorites are on the evening menus, so we always go to the sit down meals.  I’ve also found delicious burrito stands and we both enjoy their hamburgers.  One of the classics on any cruise that we’ve been on has been the sandwich stands.  Yet, our favorite sandwiches aren’t on a boat.

Then we have the closer to home, Louisiana casinos.  Specifically, our favorite sandwiches ever are at a little deli inside of Coushatta.  We do some light gambling online at place like, but when we have a weekend free, we take the 3-4 hour drive to spend a day or two at Coushatta and have lunch and dinner at that deli.

When we are at home, we of course have found our favorite Vietnamese, Chinese, hamburger joint, Mexican, etc.

Where are Your Faves?

Okay, so our favorite places are all over, what about yours?  Do you find “the spots” when you travel, or are all of your faves around home?  Please comment below!



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