I’ve watch the Debt Diet series this summer and Jean was one of the experts.  She helped families create systems to get out of debt and in control of their finances. She even moved into one family’s home to jump start the process.

She’s the author for several books, including Money 911 and Make Money, Not Excuses.  Since she’s out there helping others with their finances online, in books, and on television, I thought she was due for a Financial Guru Review.

Jean Chatzky on Getting Out of Debt and Credit Cards

While I don’t think she has Dave Ramsey’s intensity on destroying debt, she keeps addressing the importance of eliminating it. For her, debt consolidation with the bank is a solution for those weighed down by high interest debts.

She also encourages using credit cards responsibly, meaning you don’t use more than 30% of your avaible credit and you pay it off every month.

Jean Chatzky and Building Wealth

I find it funny that Jean Chatzky summarized the 4 steps to building wealth. Seeing them makes it clear that there are no secrets to getting rich.

1. Make a decent living
2. Spend less than you make
3. Invest the money you don’t spend
4. Protect the financial world you build so that a disaster doesn’t take it all away from you

She also points out that even though the steps are simple, following through is the hard part. I think Dave Ramsey pointed out that personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge.  For readers looking to break the mental barriers they have, Jean’s book Make Money, Not Excuses may be helpful.

My Thoughts On Jean Chatzky

I really appreciate Jean Chatzky’s clear advice on finances. Obviously as an author with books geared to masses, she can’t get into specific nitty gritty advice. She does, however, give good, solid guidelines on addressing major money issues.

If you’re looking at improving your finances, but you’re need something more than just the numbers, you should check out her books.

What are your Thoughts?

Do you listen to financial gurus’ money advice? If so, which one? If not, why? Is there a financial guru you’d like me to review?