Have you ever met a successful person? The funniest thing about them is that you never know if they have really made it and if so, since when have they had it made. I have worked in the financial industry for the past 7 years and I have worked with several independent advisors. I have noticed one golden rule in this business; fake it until you prove it.

But I realize that this rule is not exclusive to the financial world, it is related to just about anything you do in life! Having doubts? Here are a few examples you can apply;

Fake it until you prove it at school

When I did my MBA, a colleague of mine always used to dress professionally the first week of class. He was quiet, asked intelligent questions and took copious notes (or pretended to do so 😉 ). He was doing this to show the teacher that he was an “A” student. He was convinced that if he could convince everyone in the class that he was an “A” student from the very first day. He would benefit from the halo effect and everything done in class would be perceived as “quality”.

I don’t know to which extent he was right or not, but he finished the MBA with an A average ;-).

Fake it until you prove it at work

After 7 years of work, I keep doing it; I always say that I am doing well, that I am working hard and that numbers are coming in. This puts me in a positive environment, people tend to talk to me and help out more easily and my boss gives me more flexibility with my schedule.

The result? I have all the cards in hand to be a successful employee and this is exactly what is happening. I guess some refer to the laws of attraction, I call it psychology 101. If you firmly believe that you are a good employee and you come to work with a good attitude, others will perceive you as such and will do everything they can to help you achieve this (objective) reality. It is incredible how we do things unconsciously to reinforce our first impression!

Fake it until you prove it with girls/boys

I have never experienced this rule with the ladies as I have been with my wife since the age of 15. However, I have noticed that the most attractive people are the ones that are the least interested. The less they try to get a phone number from someone, the more it works! It’s incredible! I guess it is all related to the offer/demand principle; the more you make yourself “available”, the more you become “common” or “less special” ;-).

Why you should fake it until you prove it…

There is a limit to use this rule. If you push your luck all the time, you won’t be seen as a successful individual but more like a BS’er ;-). You have people that showoff during their whole lives but have nothing to back it up, this is a very risky game. However, when you are good at something, there is a nothing wrong being upfront that you are a pro. This will actually help you becoming even better!

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