by Andi B.

I drink so much tea my middle name should be oolong. As I’ve stated before I come from a long line of tea drinkers. I’m also absent minded. My mother has literally melted a tea kettle to the stove before and I’m not much better. When we moved I had to get rid of my old tea kettle, so we’ve had a few touch and go moments at the new house when I was boiling water in a small pot and forgot about it. Luckily the dog is as paranoid that I’ll burn down the house as I was about my mother, so he alerts me to the stove I forgot.

I wanted to treat myself to a Keurig coffee maker. Many of my friends have one and it is such a treat! But I know I won’t spend the money on those tiny coffee cups. We were at a local discount store and I saw exactly what I wanted, an electric kettle with automatic shut off. Pure heaven. Best, at the outlet center, our kettle was only $15!

In the long run, I would burn down the house in pursuit of a cup of tea if I did not purchase that kettle. $15 is well worth the value of my home. Sometimes it’s interesting when you way expense vs. cost.