My wife and I don’t ever plan on having a land line phone. It really isn’t worth it considering we have a national cell phone plan in which we share our minutes. So far, we haven’t run into any issues of not having a land line phone. I have a few years under my belt selling cell phone plans for both Sprint and US Cellular. US Cellular offered a great employee discount, but after I left my part-time job after college I had to get a real plan. Who to choose?

Alas, my wife and I actually went with Verizon Wireless after we relocated cities since they offered the best services we were looking for. While we were there, the salesman asked us for our work e-mails to see if we qualified for a discount. My company had a 10% discount, but my wife’s company had a 14% discount! My wife wins yet again! Simple as that, all we had to do was show a check stub and the discount was ours.

Verizon Wireless isn’t alone. Many other major cell phone providers offer specials and discounts to students (yes, university students) and employees whose employers are a part of a sponsored plan. If you have a cell phone plan now, why not check out to see if you’ve been missing out on a discount! Trust me, they aren’t going to come after to you to provide a discount and I’m surprised Verizon Wireless even did!

Check to see if you are eligible for a discount with the following major cell phone providers just by providing your school or work e-mail address:

Even a 5% discount is worth it and maybe you’ll even get 30% off. Who knows? Anything to help relieve pressure on your budget is welcomed. Do any of you take advantage of a cell phone discount through your employer or school?

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