We were out shopping at Yorktown Mall when time got away from us. Before we knew it it was time for lunch, so we stopped by Egg Harbor Café for our lunch. No pictures this time because we weren’t planning on eating out.

My husband opted to go the healthy route and ordered Joe’s Healthy Scrambler for $8.95 and a coffee for $2.50. He enjoyed the healthy meal with turkey sausage, lots of veggies and egg substitute, but he found the meal a bit light and would not order it again. The fresh fruit that came on the side was tasty, but he would have preferred some butter for his English Muffin.

I ordered The Sampler for $5.95 which came with two tasty slices of Raisin Bread French Toast, bacon, and one scrambled egg. This meal was a bit light for me too, though it tasted good. I also got a Coke for $2.25.

My son ordered the Green Eggs and Ham for $3.95. As he is a big Dr. Seuss fan, this meal was a hit with him. The eggs are really green, which delighted him. He split some of this meal with his sister.

Most restaurants offer huge portions, which we can easily split with our kids. This restaurant offered modest portions, so it was a bit difficult to split the meal and satisfy each of us.

Our total after tax was included was $24.96. We left a tip of $4.00 for a grand total of $28.96.

We would definitely visit this restaurant again, but we would probably order more substantial meals.