Good Morning Green Panda Readers! I hope that you all hand a great weekend.  Today is the last post in our “How Smart is Your Smartphone” series.  Now that this series has come to an end I have to say that it has been an interesting series for me to write about.  I never thought that I would see the day where I could access the internet and take pictures with my cell phone, but here we are in 2011.  I also never thought that a cell phone would be technologically intelligent, but here we are with our Smartphone’s.

Over the last few weeks of our “How Smart is Your Smartphone” series we have mourned the loss of Steve Jobs who is the CEO of Apple Corporation.  There was an interesting article on CNN  this week that names the Apple iPhone 4s as the best Smartphone in existence.  I can’t speak from experience because as you may remember from previous posts, I have the LG Shine Plus with Google which is an Android Smartphone.  However I have no doubt that the Apple iPhone 4s is amazing.

Today we are discussing the Pros and Cons of Using our Smartphone in College.  Throughout this series we have learned that having a Smartphone is convenient and easy to use for daily activities such as scheduling events and searching the internet.  We can also use our Smartphone as both a Personal Computer and a Personal Digital Assistant.  However, convenience comes with a cost.


The Pros of Using our Smartphone in College

Using our Smartphone in College is great because it allows us to keep in contact with our friends and family throughout the day.  We can read and send emails, update Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as send Text Messages all with the touch of a button from our Smartphone.  This is especially tempting if we are stuck in a really boring class with an even more boring professor.

However, having access to the World Wide Web during class can also be a distraction in College.  It is great to be able to stay connected with family and friends, but if we spend more time surfing the Web than we do listening to our college Professor we may find our self failing our college courses.

The key to using a Smartphone in College is to use it for school work when we are on campus, and use it for personal use when we are at home.  If we are disciplined with our Smartphone usage we will stay focused in school and not go over our data usage.


The Cons of Using our Smartphone in College

If we continuously use our Smartphone during College Classes it is very likely that we will go over the allowed usage in our monthly data plan, this can be very expensive.  If you need help with your personal spending budget to make sure that you can afford your Smartphone and your monthly data plan check out these online resources.

Another con of using our Smartphone in College is the durability of the battery life.  If we are always using our Smartphone in College for sending Text Messages and to surf the net our battery could lose power very fast; then our Smartphone will be dead when we really need it.


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