Are you a hard worker? Do you take initiative on the projects that you work on? Are you worried about being exploited in the workplace? Well this piece is for you then.

The truth is that hard workers will always be exploited by the lazy people out there looking to get by without doing much. There’s always going to be someone in your class or in your department that wants to get ahead without doing anything. You’re always going to meet characters that want to take the credit without putting in the same effort.

Before we get into the idea of being exploited for being a hard worker, let’s look at a common question first. How can you work harder than everyone else in your first job or in one of your classes?

  1. Always show up early. Running late is embarrassing and not conducive to productivity at all. You need to get into the habit of coming early so that you’re never behind and trying to catch up.
  2. Take on the challenging projects. When there’s a project that everyone else is running away from, you need to step up and take o this daunting task.
  3. Ask for feedback. You don’t need to be afraid of your manager. You should be asking them for feedback to see where you stand. It’s your career. It’s your livelihood.
  4. Don’t give up. Persistence is key. You need to keep on pushing through. If you give up, then you’ll be known as a quitter.

Now that you know how to work harder, how can you avoid getting exploited at your first job?

  • Watch who you associate with.
  • Watch your progress in the company.
  • Avoid shady characters.
  • Put a spin on your work.
  • Take ownership for what you do.

That’s how to avoid being taken advantage of for your hard work.

Should a hard worker be afraid of being exploited? Not at all.┬áThere will always be lazy people around. There will always be someone looking to take credit for your work. While it may happen to you at one point or another, you shouldn’t be afraid of putting in your best work. The one time that you do get taken advantage of will be nothing compared to when you finally do get credit for the high quality of work that you deliver. At least that’s what I experienced in college.

This brings me to my next point. I’ve learned one simple thing about life when it comes to school, work, or anything else in general. What is this?

Everyone is where they deserve to be.

This means that at the end of the day everyone is going to be where they deserve to be. This applies to school, work, and even working out. How’s this possible?

In school you can take advantage of others for one class or another. However, at the end of the day you’re going to have to step up when it comes time to write the final exam. How will you pass the exam if you’re used to piggybacking off others?

In work, those that consistently deliver results will get promoted, make more money, and have a more enjoyable experience at work.

In working out, those that put in the work will see the results.

Simply put, everyone is where they deserve to be. A hard worker will end up where they belong.

Are you a hard worker? Please don’t be afraid of getting taken advantage of. Keep on doing what you’re good at. Good things will happen to you. You just have to be consistent with your high quality of work.

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko