Getting ready for the move

Things are moving along. So far, so good.  I just finished getting our utilities set up between the old apartment and the new one.

Setting Up Electricity

Good news is that for the new place we do not need a deposit for electricity. There’s a $17 connection fee. Our old power company will send a refund check within 4 weeks to our new address. I’m going to ignore that money from our budget plans and act surprised when we get it next month.

Disconnecting the Cable and Internet

The cable company was a bit more difficult. I had to go through a long line of hoops on the automated menu. After giving my account information and verification, I was supposed to be sent to a ‘specialist’. The representative was nice , but she asked me to verify everything all over again. Then she launch into a script on easy payments with the cable company and asked me which option I would prefer. I told her I was disconnecting. Did they send me to the wrong department?

Anyway, she was able to get my information to send my $28 refund check (yes!). She then told me that $56 was due for next month’s service, to which I reminded her that was no next month. *sighs* I wish it was Friday.  I written everything down, to make sure if something goes wrong, I can track whom I spoke to.

Photo Credit:  Steve Keys