I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled post to update you guys on our closing date. We completed our walk through the place and it looks good. Some minor fixes, but all in all, it looks good. We make the appointment for the final walk through before closing. After we finish my husband and I go shopping for some last minute supplies.

Big Mess with Closing

While driving to Lowe’s to get painting supplies, my husband gets a call and is told that the closing date is delayed. I’m driving while he’s listening to everyone (conference call) on the line. Apparently someone in the office dropped the ball and an inspection needed didn’t happen and we can not close. The estimated time for the new closing day is in 2010! My husband calmly listens to their explanation and they say they will get something worked out. My husband hangs up the phone and summarizes what the conversation was.

I’m basically upset at this point and turn the car around to go home (why spend money at Lowe’s until we know what is going on) and call my real estate agent to get try and understand how this could’ve happened so close to closing and no one picked up on this mistake.

We were planning on moving this week, but now there is a delay.

We were planning on moving this week, but now there is a delay.

We’re supposed to be out of our apartment next Monday evening and my husband took the entire week off to help with the move. We lined up helpers and they have cleared their schedule for our move.

We need a solution to this problem

From everything explained to us, we fulfilled our end of the bargain. I’m willing to take our earnest money back and just hunt for another place. If we can come up with a solution that works for us, that will work, but this is a big mess.

Any Ideas?

Have you had something similar come up at the last minute with closing? How did it get handled?

Photo Credit: fotographix.ca