Hey there what is up fellas! 🙂 I wanted to publish some helpful money saving tips for the male readers of this little blog of mine so I asked my girlfriend what should I write about. I already published list of great money saving tips for men so she suggested I do sort of like a guide to dating on a budget. That’s a great idea! Also she already knows I am going to use them on here now 🙂

Take note guys, these tips won’t make you look cheap or poor, even if you are and they are 100% approved by a female so I trust they are 100% safe.

Let’s get going!! 🙂

5 Ideas For Dating On A Budget

Take Walks

Yes, go out for a walk or a hike. If you live in a city, go down to the parks or to some nice trail with great views. If you’re not too broke, stop off at a coffee shop and have a light meal and have a rest. Walking is healthy, free and gives you  chance to talk with your lady. That’s a win-win-win. 🙂

Photography Tour: Go Instagram-ing! 

Nowadays, everybody with an Instagram app is a sort of a “photographer” right? Why not make plans to visit some nice places to photograph?. Have fun photographing each other and the views, get some cool angle shots, play around with the filters and what not. Just have fun and enjoy your date. It really is a fun activity to do as a date as females do like to be photographed 🙂  The price for doing such an activity is free and very very enjoyable! 🙂

Visit Zoos & Museums

Visit a museum or a zoo close by. Ticket admission might be costly so check for days that have low admission price (or even free). Better yet, check if Groupon has something going for these type of places. It would cost you $30 tops and you can spend hours visiting such places.

Make Dinner at Home

Instead of going out, invite your date home and cook a special romantic dinner. You can find some romantic recipes here. It really is nice to cook for somebody and/or have someone to cook for you. A nice bottle of wine that doesn’t cost too much will be ideal here too. Something cheap and cheerful! The price of cooking at home will be a fraction of what it might cost to go dining out and it can be just as enjoyable, or even more if you play your cards right 😉


Download this free app, and sit outside with your partner and a cosy blanket and just look at stars all night. I suggest getting some wine and nibbles too. It’s super romantic and you’ll be entertained for hours trying to recognise the stars and looking for them 🙂

Click here for a list of romantic quotes about stars you can use to charm your date. 😉

So there you go! As you can see there are a LOT of fun “dating on a budget” opportunities.

You may be on a tight budget at the moment and that is nothing to be ashamed of, any woman worth keeping will understand this and nobody will judge you for it. I was lucky enough to find a woman that understand this and supports me 100%.

Thank you for tuning in, it’s been a pleasure!

I’m off to start cooking something romantic! 🙂 You should too unless you want to see some more money saving tips; in that case check out my blog, or learn how to make some extra cash 🙂

Try one of these ideas out , tell us how it goes. I’d also love to hear some suggestions you might have 🙂

Good luck 🙂

Chris Lee Vella

Chris Lee Vella

Hi, I’m Chris Lee. In September 2013 I decided to quit my job to focus on building up my business. Glad to say that till now all is going well and I think I made the right decision but it’s only because I have learned how to properly manage my personal finances.