by Andi B.

So please excuse the radio silence, but there’s been a tech death in the family. My netbook perished. I’d like to take the opportunity to give a big thanks to my writing partner who “poured 40kb on the curb for his fallen homie.”
What was amazing to me is how disconnected I felt without a personal computer. We didn’t even have a computer until my sophomore year of high school and I don’t remember having any difficulty functioning without it. Now I was scrolling through the internet on my ipod touch and having anxiety.
Luckily I got my husband to spend some time on our seven-year-old “house” computer so it no longer takes 20 minutes to boot up and am able to send a shout-out your direction. If this doesn’t work, though, I have another option.
In Portland, OR we have something called Free Geek. Free Geek is a non-profit that “refurbishes technology to provide computers, education, and job skills in exchange for community service.” Essentially, they get tech donated from various corporations, refurbish it, and sell it at extremely good prices to the community. By teaching individuals how to refurbish computers or work in the thrift store,they also provide job skills. It’s an all around good program; an all around good program that offers desktops for as little as $100, and laptops for as little as $200.
So I’m back in the slow saddle, but happy to have an inexpensive option to manage my computer difficulties. The only thing better than a geek is a free geek.