My wife recently decided that she needed to make a little extra money so that our family can afford some of the luxuries we’ve always enjoyed regardless of my work situation. I’m a full time freelancer and that means I have irregular income for most of the year. I have some things I can count on and we do fine, but my wife doesn’t want to risk the chance that we won’t be able to take our annual vacation or heaven forbid, we have an emergency come up that exceeds the money we’ve already put away for such a thing.

So my wife started freelancing as well, in a much more traditional way than the kind of work that I do which is strictly online. Nevertheless, she’s had some luck finding gigs and is making a side income to be proud of.

Speaking of tradition, according to this article I read at Shine Yahoo, “about 100 years ago, women weren’t even able to buy life insurance.” I found this article as I thought it would be a good idea to look into life insurance. Previously I had life insurance through my job but now that I’m full time freelancing, I don’t have that luxury and my wife has never had life insurance. With her developing her skills in the workplace, I was looking into life insurance for the both of us.

(side note: I found a ton of great resources over at on life insurance)

Back to the issue at hand. Statistically, “The percentage of women currently in the workforce is at an all-time high, over 49%.” yet the number of women that carry life insurance is under half of the working women population. With such a high percentage of women being the sole breadwinner of families, if something were to happen to this 40% that don’t carry life insurance, their family would be in a pretty bad spot. Even if my wife weren’t working now and something were to happen to her, I wouldn’t be able to work full time and fill her shoes as a stay-at-home-dad too so I agree when the article states that even stay-at-home-moms should consider getting insured.

This whole thing just reminds me that it’s a dangerous world out there and you never know what might happen tomorrow. It’s best to cover your bases, make sure you’re prepared for the worst and live for the best.

Joe Edward

Joe Edward