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Credit cards are an important tool in financial planning. If used responsibly, credit cards can help you reach your financial goals faster and help you manage your finances better. I use my cash back credit cards on daily basis and earn about $600/year for paying my bills, buying groceries etc. Although I prefer a cash back credit cards, others use rewards or travel cards to collect points and redeem them, furthermore credit cards often offer extend warranties, travel and rental insurance and more. To avoid falling into the trap I have the following 5 rules.

  1. Never buy something I don’t have the cash for at the time of purchase.
  2. Never carry a balance.
  3. Avoid cards with fees if possible (sometimes the fees are worth it)
  4. Don’t lend your credit card to your kids!
  5. Check your statement every month to ensure charges are correct.

If you follow these rules you can take advantage of all the credit card benefits without putting your finances at risk! 

Finding The Right Card

Although there are hundreds of credit cards available, there really is no “one size fits all” card. Some like to have a low interest card, while others prefer a rewards card etc. Use this excellent tool to find the credit card that fits your needs. (USA Only) Canadians see below.

Getting Start With Credit Cards

How To Get Your First Credit Card – If this is the first time you are considering a credit this article the important steps you need to take to get there.

How To Choose The Right Credit Card – With the hundreds of credit card options available how do you know which is the best for your needs? In here we guide you to finding the best card for your needs.

7 Tips For First Time Credit Card Users – Not knowing how to use a credit card responsibly can get you in a lot of financial trouble, these 7 tips will guide you to become a responsible credit card user.


5 Things Your Credit Card Issuer Wants You To Do – Credit Card issuers are NOT your friends, their interests conflict with your best interests. There are things they want you to do that benefits them, although it is not the best thing for you. Avoid these 5 things and you’ll be fine.

5 Credit Card Mistakes Everyone Makes – Some mistakes are most costly than others, credit card mistakes can often snowball can cause serious financial issues. Avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Is Credit Card Insurance A Good Idea – When you apply for your credit card, you will be offered insurance and if you say no you will get another remind at a later time and so on. But, is credit card insurance a good idea? If you follow my 5 credit card rules you don’t need it, however some people might think it’s a good idea.

7 Fees Credit Card Companies Are Getting Sneaky With – Did I mention that credit card companies are not your friends? Watch out for these fees!

8 Common Lines of Fine Print on Rewards Credit Cards – Rewards credit cards have become extremely popular over the years, however make sure you read these fine prints when shopping for rewards credit cards!

Things You Should Consider Before You Cancel Your Credit Card – Sometimes you just need to get rid of a credit card as it does not fit your needs anymore, however there are a few things you should be aware of BEFORE you close the account.

Credit Card Benefits

4 Transactions You Should Complete With Your Credit Card – Ever wonder when you should and shouldn’t use your credit card for? Well, you should use them for these 4 transactions.

How Credit Cards Can Help You Manage Your Cash Flow – One of the great benefits of a credit card is that it can be an excellent tool to manage your cash flow.

Maximize Your Credit Cards Rewards – What’s the point of a rewards card if you do not maximize the rewards?

Credit Card Benefits: 15 Common Consumer Protections – Yes credit cards to have a few consumer protections!

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