When I was in college, I went with a few of my friends to a local restaurant. One of my friends ordered a chicken sandwich; after she had eaten a few bites, she discovered it was raw in the middle. I am not talking pink, but absolutely raw in the middle. Although she was not going to finish the sandwich, she refused to complain because she did not want to cause trouble.

When necessary, complaining at a restaurant is not causing trouble. You are paying your hard earned money to patronize their business; having a raw chicken sandwich is not acceptable.

This past weekend, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Famous Dave’s. I ordered, as I always do, their pulled BBQ sandwich. This time, however, I bit into two pieces of bone. I know not all people are like this, but if I bite into something like that in my sandwich, I can’t eat any more. It just turns my stomach.

When the waitress asked how we were enjoying our meals, I told her that while my sandwich had been good, I did not enjoy biting into two bones. She promptly had the manager come over, and he immediately took the sandwich off our bill.

I have been a waitress before, and I know what a hard job it is. I also know that some people look for any little problem to try to get free food. I am by no means advocating this. But if there is a legitimate concern with your food, please speak up.

In my case, I just expressed my displeasure to the waitress. I didn’t ask for a refund or ask to see a manager because it was not that terrible. My friend with the raw chicken sandwich should have insisted on a new meal or to have the order taken off her bill.

Be willing to complain when it is necessary; after all, it is your hard earned money you are spending.

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