Do you enjoy the college program that you’re enrolled in?– or do you completely dread school? Does the ability to earn money after college scare you or entice you? Are you in a college program in a field that you’re passionate about or one that has the potential for lots of money?

The reason I bring this up is because I went to visit my brother out of town this weekend. In the middle of a classic drinking game, a few of us starting discussing college programs. One of the people mentioned that they were enrolled in a really interesting science program and that he loved his courses. He just wasn’t too sure about the work options after college. Another person chimed in by saying that they despised their program (Accounting), but the money after college made it all worth.

Where do you guys stand? Are you enrolled (or applying) for a college program that offers the potential for money after college, or a program in a subject that you’re passionate about?

Today’s post won’t have any answers for you. Instead the goal is to ask the right questions. Below are a few questions that you should ask yourself to decide if you should follow your passions or the profits with a college program:

How will you finance your education?

This is the most important factor to consider. The main reason that some college graduates have an extremely difficult time with paying off their student loans is because they got a degree in a field that simply just don’t justify the income. There are many honorable positions (Social Work, Teaching, etc.) that are really rewarding but the income just isn’t there to justify $50,000 worth of student debt. This is why how you finance your education becomes really important. If you have your parents helping you, you plan on working, or you have a few scholarships, then you can enroll in a college program where you really won’t have to stress about making the big bucks right after college. If you plan on using student loans to finance your education, then you can get yourself into trouble with having to pay off massive amounts of debt post-college.

What do you plan on doing after college?

We all have different plans for life after college. If you want to perhaps venture off on your own and pursue your own business, college will be a learning experience for you. An experience where you learn how to network with people and how to survive on your own. For the entrepreneurs out there, college can also be the perfect time to start working on your side business.  If you enroll in a less challenging program, you can have lots of time to network and start developing your business ideas.

If you plan on working in a typical 9-5 position post-college, then you might want to pursue a program where there’s plenty of work opportunities. College will be your chance to work on interviews, networking, and many transferable skills.

Why are you going to college?

Your parents forcing you to go to college is not the correct answer here! You must really understand why you’re going to college. More specifically, you must be aware of why you’re enrolled in a specific program. If you’re going to college to meet people and experience freedom, then it doesn’t really matter what you study. If you on the other hand, are looking to build a resume and a long-lasting career, you’ll want to be in reputable program. College will also provide plenty of opportunities for you to network with your peers and with established professionals.

Are you following your passions or your profits in college?

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