Good Morning Green Panda Friends.  I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is the next post in our “Me, My College Education, and My Money” series. So far we have discussed how to use your time in college wisely, how to choose which college is the best for you, as well as the importance of learning from good professors.

Today we are discussing how to get a job after college graduation. To help you out Green Panda has teamed up with Sandra, she is an experienced Human Resources Manager who specializes in Recruitment.  Sandra is here to give you resume, job search and interview tips. She knows what employers are looking for and Green Panda wants to help College Grads get a job.

Resume Tips for College Grads

Your resume should be limited to one page, and it should not include photos or pictures of yourself.  College Graduates should always start with a mission statement that includes what type of job they are looking for and what skills they have that will be beneficial to their potential employer.

An important resume tip for College Grads is to list your education first since this is your most notable recent achievement. Include your program details, dates, as well as any awards and special achievements; it is not necessary to include your GPA.

Your resume should include both on and off campus work experience.  It is also important to include volunteer work experience and any internships or co-op work experience.  Even if you worked part time at your parent’s office for the summer you should include it on your resume. Each work experience should include your job title and your specific duties.

Do not include references directly on your resume. You can call/email the employer two weeks later to check on the process of your application and provide them with your work related references.

Where College Grads can Look for a Job

Before College Grads apply for any job we should always visit the company’s website to make sure that we really want to work for that employer.  There is no point in applying for a job with a local company if you are looking for international opportunities. When you are looking for a job keep in mind that College Grads usually don’t start at the top.  Make sure that there is room for you to grow within the company and ultimately find your dream job.

Check with your College for Career Days when employers come onto campus to recruit recent College Graduates.  Employers at these types of events usually have several job openings available, and they are usually entry level positions; but at least it gets your foot in the door with the employer.

When College Grads are looking for a job they should check the local bulletin boards at their school as well as ask professors if they know of any available positions in their field.  Website searches on job posting websites such as Monster and Workopolis are also a great idea.  You can even create a profile and let employers find you.  If you know which company you want to work for you can create a candidate profile directly on their website.

Interview Tips for College Grads

The number one interview tip for College Grads is to be confident, but not cocky.  Don’t be shy because we don’t want the employer to think that you are timid and unprepared for a real world job. Remember that you may have the education for the job, but you don’t yet have the experience.  Focus on your positive qualities and let the employer know that you really want the job.


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