2. Contact her Human Resources Department. My friend receives direct deposit so she filled out the paperwork to have it switched to the new checking account at the credit union. 

3. Contact her bill companies that use auto debit. She made a list of all auto debits coming out of her current bank checking account. She also decided to switch most of her direct debits to automate bill payments

4. Leave her old account open to catch any missing bills. She wants to make sure the bills get paid and she’ll keep her checking account open with the bank for a bit to see if any forgotten bills (like quarterly bills).

5. She registered and included her accounts into Mint. After finding out she could get easy snapshots of her spending habits and set up email alerts, she opened an account at Mint. It was free and done in 20 minutes. 

Don’t let fear of hassle paralyze you from improving your finances.

Have you switched your bank accounts? Why did you choose it? What do you like about it? Do you have any tips on switching?

Photo Credit:  jm3