It’s unbelievable how dirty companies will go just to try and avoid taking responsibility. For those of you who joining, please look at Part One and Part Two.10145-w185.jpg

We got a call from the insurance company that was basically said that they are not responsible for the water damage to the car.

The agent’s reasoning was that it was an ‘act of God’. There was no flooding, though. The problem was due to:

  1. They never called us when the work was done. If they did, we could’ve picked it up before the rain. (We have the phone records to prove that was the case. We called them to see what was going on. It was also in the work order that they would call us when they finished their job.)
  2. They should have never taken our car completely off their property onto a city street. The car repair shop is elevated, keeping it there would’ve prevented all this damage.

Well, they had no real response to that. Instead they now claimed my husband met with them last week, when that clearly wasn’t the case.

The agent then switched and said they spoke on the phone. Hmm…funny that…it’s not on our phone records. It’s pretty pathetic how far people are willing to go just to save money.

Now, we’re expecting a letter from them, telling us their ‘decision’. I got to call my local news channel, because they asked us to give them updates as this unfolds.