So I’ve been having a bad hair week, not a bad hair day, a bad hair week. I have ridiculously baby fine hair. I kid you not, I use little kid plastic clips to keep my bangs back, like the little poodle ones you see on a toddler. I’ve never been called “adorable” so many times since I started wearing them, though.

This morning, in and out of a bad headache I saw those infomercials for the Wen Hair Care System. I buy Whole Foods brand shampoo and conditioner right now, but even I wouldn’t spend $30 a month on shampoo and conditioner. I’m lucky if I spend $30 a year!!!
One of the things that’s been on my mind is the no-poo method. No-poo essentially is using a baking soda and water mixture/paste instead of shampoo, and then some people use an apple cider vinegar/water rinse in place of conditioner. Unfortunately with my baby find hair, the baking soda mixture is an absolute no way. I use a baking soda mixture for a body scrub and the last time I accidentally got some on my hair, it was a dry, brittle sad state of affairs.
So what to do? I started searching “alternative shampoo” on google and came across this gem from Not all sounded appealing, but I thought the aloe vera gel sounded like a real possibility. We keep aloe gel in abundant supply because I get sunburned often, so I thought I would try it.
I stepped into the shower put a dollop of aloe gel in my hand and combed it through my hair. I was surprised how easily it combed through my hair and how nice it felt. I didn’t need any conditioner at all. After the shower, I blow dried and so far so good. My hair feels light, isn’t greasy, and I think this might be a winner. Best of all, aloe gel is pretty inexpensive compared to shampoo and conditioner, and it’s good for me, no harsh chemicals. I can’t no-poo, but I can certainly alterna-poo!