This is a Breaking News, more details to follow …

Our sources report that in a secret meeting with President Obama of US at the sidelines of the G20 meeting in London, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada has reached an accord to buy the United States of America, in what is being termed as a friendly merger of equals! An official press conference will be held at the conclusion of the G20 summit.

According to our sources, preliminary discussions on this topic were held when President Obama visited Canada immediately after his inauguration.

While the details of the acquisition are sparse at this time, our sources report that Canada was attracted to US due to its cheap assets, warmer weather and a reasonable consumer class that is ready for Canadian products and services like well functioning capital markets and solvent banking system. President Obama, it is reported has always admired the Canadian system of high taxes and social programs and the Canadian natural resources and oil sands formed a part of Obama’s campaign promise to reduce dependency on foreign oil.

While the cost of the acquisition is not known at this time, it is believed that it will be completely funded by spinning off the province of Quebec to France.

The two leaders have also agreed to rename the new country as Camerica (not to be confused with Cramerica). The new currency will be called Camero (this is an update from an earlier reported story about Amero being adopted as the global reserve currency). Full details are yet to emerge.

No word yet on how the new country will be governed or who will be the new leader!

Our repeated calls to the White House for comments on this rapidly developing story went unanswered

Update 1:

  • Wall Street will be officially renamed as Bay Street East
  • State of New York will become the Province of South Ontario

Update 2:

  • Fate of the State of Michigan hangs in balance. Prime Minister Harper has categorically rejected Michigan as part of the deal. Intense discussions are being reported to being held with Tata Automotive of India to sell the entire State of Michigan to that company. Tata, if you recall, was the buyer of Jaguar and Land Rover assets from Ford Motor Company last year and buying the State of Michigan will make Tata the largest automotive company in the world. According to our sources at Tata, they believe that buying the State of Michigan will definitely be cheaper than buying the big 3 auto companies individually. They plan to make Michigan their corporate headquarters and redevelop the state to become a Premier Global Auto Manufacturing Hub. This will also provide their employees with a plethora of cheap houses that are lying vacant ready to move in.

Update 3:

  • Russia is reportedly making a bid for Alaska … Sarah Palin’s window is reported to be shut since last evening according to a keen citizen reporter from Alaska!

Update 4:

  • Oh yeah! This was a fake story for April Fools Day!