Some people believe money is the root of all-evil, while others consider money a necessity to happiness. We have discussed the psychology of money previously on Financial Highway and I personally am of the belief that money doesn’t always bring happiness. However, I can not imagine myself living without money. Although I am not a materialistic person, I enjoy having a warm home and good food and in order to afford these I need money. Can you imagine yourself living without any money, no not living a frugal life, but having no money! Well, that is exactly what Mark Boyle did.

Mark Boyle has written a book “The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living” in which he discusses his philosophy and decision to live without money. Boyle lives in a trailer that was donated to him, he grows his own food and uses compost toilet, Mark is truly “a moneyless man”. So how does Mark like it? Well according to him this has been the happiest time of his life and he is not planning on returning to ordinary civilization any time soon.

I’d like to believe I have a frugal lifestyle and may even consider some extreme ways to live frugal, but unless I am forced to I would not be able to become a “moneyless man”.

Would you be able to live Mark’s lifestyle?