Last week MSN Money released the Misery Index. It lists bankruptcy and foreclosure filings and ranks them by the percentage of households affected. It’s no surprise to me that Nevada tops the list, but frankly, I’m not miserable.

Yes, we are having a hard time paying our bills, but so are a lot of other people. The question I’m asked most frequently by customers here in Las Vegas is “Are you guys feeling the economy here?” Well, of course we are! People are “feeling” the economy everywhere.

But I’ve lived through worse. I’m not living on rice and beans because I can’t afford meat and I even have something that makes my life easier in hard times….resources. Unlike many people who moved to Las Vegas searching for a quick buck (either at the tables or behind the scenes), I moved here to be close to my family. So even though times are tough, we are rallying together to help each other.

And while a lot of households are affected, economic times do not have to be a source of misery. I guarantee there are people who are going to come out of this time as multi-millionaires by taking advantage of opportunities they see; they certainly won’t view this as a miserable time. This seems like a good time to buckle down and learn what we’re all capable of, and being miserable isn’t going to cut it.