Digging Around Personal Finance Data

Something that I enjoy when following other bloggers is seeing their financial progress. I love checking out their net worth updates or their debt reduction posts. I find them to be informative and motivating as I’m working to build up our finances. I now have another site to check out: Bundle.

In case you haven’t seen it already,  Bundle is a website that has financial data from different demographics across the United States. I thought it would be great to do a review on it and share some of it’s interesting points.

Tons of Data to Scour

As a personal finance blogger, I enjoy seeing a wealth of information in an easy to follow format. Bundle has some wonderful visual aids to help sort through the data collected. Some recent infographs that I enjoyed included:

I was really amazed, for example, at the top 25 spending cities. I think that having this information easily available can help people make some better decisions.

Analyzing the most expensive cities to love in can be great for college junior and seniors, who are looking at possible places to start their careers after they’ve decided what job sector they’d like to work in.

I think Bundle has some really interesting tidbits of data that you can pull and learn from.

Finding Different Personal Finance Perspectives

When I shared my financial goals, I found a tremendous amount of support and advice. After listening to some thoughts from readers, we were able to pay off our car loan faster. I really believe you can pick up some useful information by chatting with others and seeing how they handle their finances.

Bundle allows readers to submit their stories and perspectives and for others to vote the content higher or lower. I think that Bundle is a cool resource to check out from time to time. I think it’s a great complement to personal finance blogs like here, where you can interact with so many people in a similar situation.

Your Thoughts on Bundle

Have you’ve tried out Bundle? What do you like or dislike about it?