by a.b.

With the potential for freezing rain and snow upon us, I decided it would be a great time to get on our emergency kit, without spending our life savings.

Emergency Kit vs. Bug-out-Bag
The first thing you should know is if you are creating an emergency kit or a “bug-out-bag.” Your household emergency kit will have enough supplies for your family to be stuck at home for a logical amount of time (usually 2 weeks), while a b-o-b will carry 3 days worth of food and supplies to evacuate your family.

Even though we were preparing for home, we decided to create a b-o-b; the likelihood of us being stranded for more than three days due to freezing rain was slim.

The Red Cross recommends one gallon per person per day. You should also take into consideration any water needed for medication, and for cooking. Don’t forget water for your pets. Since a pet’s needs vary greatly based on size, etc., set aside what your animal normally consumes on a regular basis.

Storing water is the least expensive thing you will need to do. Fill up 1- or 5-gallon jugs, and put them in a closet. (Please make sure any plastics you are using are designed for multiple fillings, or it’s not good for your health.) If you are embracing your inner survivalist, you can also get chlorine tablets and a water filter. While it is a bit more expensive, it guarantees you drinking water if you can find a source (like the creek by our apartment).