We love sushi. Even my 17 month old daughter likes to eat the egg sushi and tofu. (We’ll start her on the real sushi when she is bigger.) So, we decided to try a new sushi bar and Thai restaurant, Bua Hana, that just opened in Forest Park, Illinois. In the interest of full disclosure, this meal was technically not for four as we went for lunch and my son was in kindergarten; it was just the three of us.

I loved the atmosphere in this restaurant. It looked upscale and clean with dark tables and simple white table settings. The bathroom was spotless and fresh smelling. Our waiter was attentive without lurking, as some waiters do.

(My husband’s meal – Sushi Combination Plate)

My husband ordered the lunch size Sushi Combination Platter for $17.95, which included 3 tuna rolls, 3 cucumber rolls, 1 salmon nigiri, 1 tuna nigiri, 1 unagi nigiri and one yellow tail nigiri in addition to six pieces of sashimi—2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 yellow tail. He enjoyed the meal but has had better tasting sushi before. However, unlike some sushi restaurants, the sushi was not skimpy (it was a thicker cut), which he enjoyed.

(My meal–California Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll)
I ordered the California maki ($4.99) and the Ebi maki ($5.50). Each included six pieces. Both were good, but I especially enjoyed the ebi maki as it came out with the shrimp tempura still warm. That gave it an interesting texture.

For my daughter, we ordered two tamago ($2.00/each) and a bowl of tofu ($1.50). She was happy with all of it, but I found the tamago a bit bland. The price also seemed to be steep.

Our total came to $33.94, plus $3.22 tax for a grand total of $37.16. We left a 15% tip of $5.09 for a grand total of $42.25. This was a bit of a splurge for us as we had no coupons to offset the cost. (I liked that on the bill they had a print out that calculated for you what a 15% and 20% tip would be.)

We enjoyed this restaurant and plan to go back to try the Thai food some time.