(our plate of sushi)
We visited Bowl House in Rolling Meadows, IL armed with a $25 restaurant.com coupon off our total order of $35 or more. (The restaurant.com coupon normally cost $10, but I found a code online for 80% off, so I got it for $2.)

When we arrived at the restaurant, they seated us in a private back area, for which we were grateful. That area was less formal than the main dining area and it was also empty, so it worked well for our children.

We started the meal with complimentary salads, miso soup and edamame. Shortly thereafter, our sushi was brought out. Then just a few minutes later, my husband’s noodle based meal was served.

(our California and yellow tail hand rolls)
We ordered all of the following:
4 tamago (egg) 5.00
2 kani (crab) 3.00
1 California hand roll 3.50
1 yellow tail hand roll 3.50
1 California roll 5.50 (this came with 6 pieces)
1 tuna roll 3.50 (this came with 6 pieces)
1 tempura roll 3.50 (this came with 6 pieces)

Jiri (cod fish and vegetables with hot soup & rice) 9.95
Extra noodles for the jiri 3.00

1 soft drink 1.25

Our total was 41.70 for the food, with $5.00 for tax, bringing the total to $46.70. We left a tip of 6.30, so our grand total would have been $53.00.

After our restaurant.com coupon, our total was 21.70, plus $6.30 tip, $28, plus $2 for the restaurant.com coupon = 30.

We saved $23.00.

In addition, we ordered more than enough food. In fact, we went home with 9 of the pieces of sushi.

We liked this restaurant and found the food to be both tasty and plentiful. We will definitely be back!