Gordon Pape is the editor and publisher of BuildingWealth.ca he is also the author of Tax-Free Savings Accounts, you can follow Gordon Pape on twitter.

What is “Tax-Free Savings Accounts” about?


Well I think the title is clear enough, but in case you are not sure the book is all about the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) which became available to investors January 2009. Gordon gives a little bit of background info on the TFSA along with the rules of the account which answers the most common questions investors have. However most part of the book is spend on discussing how to make the most out of the TFSA, which I believe is the best part. He discusses many strategies and benefits of the TFSA in different scenarios, among other strategies he takes a closer look at the RRSP vs. TFSA debate which has become a common topic with investors.

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What I Like:

  • The book is easy to read with no financial jargon
  • Discusses several strategies for different cases
  • Straight to the point, he does not fill the book with unneeded material
  • Uses “real life” examples

What I don’t Like:

  • Not many “unique” Ideas, if you have spent some time searching for TFSA Ideas chances are that you may not find too many great new ideas.


READ: Given that many still do not know much about the TFSA and lack ideas for using the account this book can be an excellent source. It covers the basic rules and most common questions investors have about the TFSA, furthermore it provides some great ideas for using the account. If you are still not familiar with the TFSA or have questions than this book can be an excellent resource, if you already have done research and have a decent understanding of the TFSA then skip it.

Financial Highway Rating [rating=5]