I had the pleasure of reading Jonathan Chevreau’s Findependence Day over a month ago, but never got around to write the review. Well it finally it’s here: Review of Jonathan Chevreau’s Findependence Day.

What is Findependence Day About?

Findependence Day is a personal finance novel following the journey of a couple, Jamie and Sheena Morelli, to reach their financial independence (Findependence Day is short for Financial Independence Day). The Morelli’s are in their late 20’s and buried in debt when they attend a television reality show “Debt March” where they meet Theodoris Konstantin a savvy financial planner. The couple is in a financial mess and has fallen victim to credit card debt, they want to get back on their feet but don’t know how to. During the show Didi Quinlan who is the host of the show reaches out for a large pair of scissors and cuts the cards up, she tells them that they need to stop spending and stop using credit cards if they want to get back on track. Didi teaches the couple about guerrilla frugality, which becomes an important aspect of their financial road map to findependence day. As Jamie and Sheena learn about findependence day from Theodoris, Jamie decides to declare his findependence day on national television and decides it will be his 50th birthday and agrees with Didi that they will return then.

Will the couple reach their Findependence Day? Well I will not ruin the story, so I recommend you read it to find out.


Although the fiction part of Findependence Day did not impress me much, the financial discussions throughout the book are well to the point and easy to follow. It covers simple financial concepts as well as some more complicated issues it also includes a small discussion of the TFSA.

What I like:

  • It is well organized; goes from simple financial concepts to more complicated ones
  • Easy read, not many financial jargons
  • Informative yet Entertaining

What I don’t like:

There aren’t too many things I do not like about this book, the story is decent but not great although it does not have to be, I believe it could have been more entertaining had to plot been better.


READ: If you are looking for a beginner’s book on personal finance, than this is a great place to start. It teaches you the basics of personal finance among other topics it covers RRSP’s, RESP’s Insurance and TFSA’s, the information is provided in a fictional story format making it entertaining and easy to grasp. If you are looking for something more advanced than this might not be the best option for you, but it is a great refresher.

Hint: This can be a good Father’s Day gift, if you don’t already have one

Financial Highway Rating: [rating =4]

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