My son’s birthday is in June, so like the rest of the family, he is enrolled in Famous Dave’s P.I.G. Club, and got a certificate for a free kids’ meal. We went there today as a combination birthday/Father’s Day treat.

My son got a kid’s rib meal which came with 2 ribs, a side of his choice (baked beans), a milk and two Oreo cookies. This meal was $4.59, but he got it for free. He’s never ordered ribs before, but he loved them!

(Ribs kid’s meal)

My husband ordered the Texas Manhandler ($9.95) and did not care for it. He has ordered the samplers there before, and he much preferred that. He felt that this sandwich was just like two ingredients of the sampler put together on a bun. He had fries on the side.

(Texas Manhandler)

I ordered the Pulled BBQ sandwich ($6.95) with fries, which I love! It comes with cheese and sauce on top, and its taste can’t be beat. It came with fries. This time, however, I bit into two bones. When I brought this to the waitress’ attention, she seemed indifferent, but she must have said something because a few minutes later the manager came over and generously took my meal off the bill and apologized.

(Pulled BBQ sandwich)

I love Famous Dave’s and would recommend it to anyone who likes BBQ.

After my meal and my son’s meal was taken off, our total was $12.96. We left a tip of $5.04 (based on our bill before the meals were taken off and on my daughter’s messiness!), for a total of $18.00. We saved $11.58.