Today is Blog Action Dayand Financial Highway is participating in it. Blog around the world are participating by speaking about a single topic: the environment. This topic is still related to personal finance and life. After all, what’s the point of saving some money if the overall quality of life for everyone has degraded?

The topic I decided to blog about today is resource depletion and conservation. I’m going to break it up into 2 parts for today.

What resources are being depleted? Here’s a list of some resources that the global community needs to survive.

  • Fresh Water: This is a huge global issue as this resource is not evenly distributed. Human life is dependent on fresh water.
  • Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil: A few countries carry a large amount of energy resources. There is a huge discrepancy in how developed countries consume these with developing countries.
  • Soil: While soil is renewable the time it takes to completely replenish itself can make it non renewable in a human timescale. Some agricultural practices deplete it faster and can cause soil to be un-farmable.


Photo Credit: t3rmin4t0r

How much of an impact am I making as an individual and as part of a household? There are some calculators that track your carbon emissions, electricity, trash, etc. The coolest one I found was at The Nature Conservancy. It breaks down your footprint based on home, car, food, and waste.

Next post for today will include some tips and sites with information on we can do as individuals to be more efficient with our resources.