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Good Morning Green Panda Friends.  Today it’s time for the next post in our “Home For The Holidays” series.  This series will take us through to the end of December with tips on how to stay on budget during the holidays, the best places to shop for your holiday gifts, and the best ways to travel when going home for the holidays.  Our “Home for the Holidays” series will discuss everything that is related to the holidays.  If there is a specific holiday topic that you would like Green Panda to cover during the month of December then please let us know.  We would be happy to research and write about any holiday topic that you propose.

If you are like me then you travel home for the holidays.  I live in a city approximately 8 hours away from my home town and every December I travel home, usually by train, to spend some time with my family.  I have travelled home for the holidays for many years since moving away from home and I have had some pretty awful travel experiences.  Although booking a flight is (usually) a lot quicker, my favourite way to travel home is by Train.

Travelling Home for the Holidays

I absolutely love travelling by Train, during the holidays and all year round.  My trip home is a bit longer by Train than it would be if I drove home or booked a flight but I find the trip home on the Train to be very relaxing.  The cost to take a train is a lot cheaper than booking a flight so that is also more of a reason to take the train.  I enjoy the fact that I can read, work, and eat at my own leisure on the Train.  I prefer travelling by Train rather than driving because I don’t have to worry about driving in bad weather.  Even if there is a huge snow storm I can still travel by train.

Travelling home for the holidays by car is definitely the most convenient way to travel.  I love the flexibility of travelling at my own pace and on my own schedule.  I also like the fact that I can bring as much luggage as I want without having to carry it through two train stations or airports.

Booking a flight to go home for the holidays is an easy option and it turns my 8 hour trip into only a 2 hour trip.  The downside of booking a flight is that it is very expensive.  Unfortunately the cost of a plane ticket is just not in my holiday budget.  I would rather travel an extra 6 hours and save $500.  Booking a flight and actually getting to travel by plane depends a lot on the weather.  I would be very upset if I booked a flight to go home for the holidays and I missed my family dinner because of a snow storm.

I have never actually travelled by bus, but this Friday I am taking a weekend trip to New York City and I will be travelling with Greyhound Bus Lines. So next week I will let you know how it goes.  So far it has been all good, the prices are very cheap and the schedules are great.

How will you be travelling home for the holidays?

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