A supermarket’s job is to make us spend as much as possible – they are able to do this by placing attractive products in strategic positions in and around the store. Years of market research has turned the humble supermarket into a empire of consumerism – from tasty smells and enticing promotions to magazines and sweets placed by the till, supermarkets today boast a number of sales tactics. These impulse buys are used as a way in which to encourage customers to make one last buy. They can lead to money problems down the line.

Other ways supermarkets use clever tactics to make us part with a little extra cash include placing the most expensive products at eye level and creating a store layout that makes us walk from one end to the other instead of sidestepping certain isles. Many shoppers are attracted to the words ‘discount’ and ‘promotion’, however the truth of the matter is, such promotions will often make you invest in more than you actually need, thus spending more money in the long run.

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Enquire about trade down product suggestions.

There are a number of supermarket comparison sites online, many of which offer a ‘trade down’ option. This option is usually based on a certai

n theory. This concept compares all of the products in your basket with that of popular products housed at other supermarkets, thus allowing this simple yet effective tool to inform consumers of the lowest priced products on the market at present.

Invest in supermarket ‘own brands’

A number of consumers will go out of their way to purchase branded shower gels, food products, washing powders and clothing – quite simply because they believe them to be the best on the market. The truth is we are actually paying for the packaging, which can in fact add a few extra pounds to the  price. 

By buying supermarket ‘own brands’ you can save a great deal on your regular shopping trips.

Grow your own

Growing your own vegetables is easier than you may anticipate and can be accomplished both in the garden, in pots placed on a windowsill or alternatively, in an allotment. Regardless of where or what you choose to grow, this is a great way to save money on food produce. Growing your own vegetables is also a fun pastime for both the kids and yourself; it can teach the little ones a great deal about where each vegetable comes from and also what they look like.

Jesse Michelsen

Jesse Michelsen