Photo Credit:  Ramit Sethi


So I’m trying to optimize our cell phone bill based on reading Ramit’s post on lowering cell phone expenses

I was going to see if I could downgrade our plan since we have 8,000 rollover minutes accumulated, but that would lead to us losing those minutes. AT&T’s policy:

The following conditions would cause you to forfeit your Rollover minutes:

Changing to a new Rollover plan where your existing Rollover balance exceeds the Anytime minutes of the new plan. Only minutes in excess of the Anytime minutes in the new plan are forfeited. This will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. 

 My husband talked to a representative of AT&T wireless to see if we can get a discount and to see if they’ll offer an Android phone in the near future. Starting with our next bill we’ll see a discount of 8%. As for the Android, no comment can be at this time. For now we’ll stay with AT&T, but I’m looking into T-Mobile as another option.

We’re going to see if anyone we know uses them and how they feel about their customer service and reception.  If we get a T-Mobile family plan with my favs include, we may be able to save $15/month, but it won’t be worth it if service is shoddy. 

At the very least, we saved 8%, that’s $87 for the year with little effort

Does anybody have any suggestions (either for or against) on cell phone providers?