When it comes to making purchases, most of us want to get a good deal. I’m not known for pinching pennies, but I still like to feel as though I am getting a good deal. Even though I’m willing to spend a little more for a better experience, or for higher quality, it doesn’t mean that I want to overspend on everything, and I don’t want to be ripped off.

However, in some cases you might be overpaying for some products. Here are 5 items that it’s easy to overpay for:

1. HDMI Cables

At the top of any list of things that it’s easy to overpay for is the HDMI cable. When we first went in search of one a few years ago, we found that they cost more than $50 at the local big box stores. Some even cost $90. Then, my brother-in-law told us to try out NewEgg.com, and we found the same cable for less than $10. We’ve never had a problem. The same goes for an HDMI splitter like the inexpensive one we found online that allows us to switch from HD device to HD device.

2. “Designer” Electronic Accessories

I enjoy my Apple products, but the accessories can be a little steeply priced. From iPhone covers to adapters that let you plug your charger into the wall, you could pay a steep price. And it’s not just Apple. There are other accessories for various electronic devices that can be more expensive than necessary. In many cases accessories can be found online for much less, and you can find them without name brands.

3. Travel Sizes

It seems as though smaller sizes should cost less. And the packages do. But the per-unit cost is usually higher. I bought a small-size tube of sunscreen for my purse, and it cost only one dollar less than a larger size. I bought it anyway because I wanted it handy for a hike I went on with my son during a recent road trip. Shampoo, pills, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other items in small sizes can be expensive if you repeatedly buy them. You can purchase re-usable containers for less, or you can buy the travel sizes once — and refill them.

4. New Electronics

Anytime a new electronic device comes out it is quite expensive. Buying a new video game console, smart phone, TV, computer, or other electronic device can cost you quite a bit. Indeed, even other items, related to electronics, such as video games and Blu-rays, are also more expensive when they first come out. Consider waiting to buy these devices. Most of us don’t need something brand new when it comes to technology. We make purchases of computers and other electronics just as newer versions are coming out. That way, even though we get slightly older versions, they are discounted — and the technology is usually more than sufficient for our needs.

5. Items Bought at the “Wrong” Store

If you buy products at the “wrong” store, you could be paying extra for them. If you purchase non-food items at the grocery store, or if you purchase grocery items at a non-grocery store, like a pharmacy or store like Kmart or Shopko, you can expect to pay more. Anytime you decide on convenience, you are likely to be overpaying for something.



Miranda is freelance journalist. She specializes in topics related to money, especially personal finance, small business, and investing. You can read more of my writing at Planting Money Seeds.