I decided to venture out to the local Circuit City to check out where they at in their liquidation process.  I wasn’t expecting too much in terms of the deals, but I wasn’t expecting how many people were there.  I couldn’t even find a place to park! Most of the shoppers left empty handed which had confirmed my assumption that the deals early on were nothing great.

Recession? You could have fooled me!

I will say, it is starting to get to the point of ‘OK’ deals.  I still wouldn’t purchase anything until I did a price check elsewhere. TVs were 25% off.  Consoles and games were 30% off (the PlayStation 3 was $300 and there were loads left).  Movies were also 30% off, but with $24.99 base DVD prices, I was less than impressed.

There were signs plastered everywhere saying they were continuing to bring in stock from the warehouses and to check back daily.  I won’t be checking it out daily, but I may go back a few weeks to see what inventory is left for stereo receivers.  My birthday is coming up 🙂.

After my stop at Circuit City, I went over to the local mall.  Again, I couldn’t believe how many people were out shopping.  I guess those early tax filers are really eager to spend their return.  For a while I thought it was the day after Thanksgiving!  Stores were packed in the mall, the food court was bustling and everyone was carrying bags of merchandise.  Recession? Doesn’t seem like it.

In in way, this a great sign to see.  Maybe the news of the senate finally reaching a tentative deal on the stimulus package have jump started consumers morale. Still, everyone needs to understand what we did before, won’t work in the future. We need to ween ourselves off credit and pay back our debt.

The numbers haven’t been pretty and I don’t expect a quick turnaround, even with the stimulus passing.  One good thing, the weather is starting to turn out nice.  It was a beautiful February day!

Stupidly Yours,