We do our fair share of hunting for coupons, especially when ordering online.   It’s a no-brainer and it only takes a few seconds to do a quick search.  That is easy, but what about searching for items that we need at the grocery store?  I’ve been on a roll the past few months of saving quite a bit of money at the grocery store and it shows in our food budget.  But lately, I’ve been starting to feel the drag of spending 30-45 minutes each week searching for printable coupons I could use at the grocery store.  I started to question whether or not all coupons are worth it.

We get several weekly mailings that contain loads of coupons for local businesses.  I have to say, none of them really have sparked our interest enough to try them out.  I mean, saving $5 on a $50 meal isn’t going to spur us to have a nice dinner just for two.  Doesn’t sound too frugal to me. We need something more than that and every week they are the same.

Bed Bath & Beyond is another top coupon sender.  We probably get a 20% any item coupon every other week.  BB&B was never high on our list of places to buy home goods, but we checked it out one day after getting the coupons.  The prices are what I expected, somewhat inflated, due to the outflow of coupons they send out I’m sure.  So are these 20% coupons worth it in the end? Maybe.

Just having a coupon doesn’t mean you’ll get the best deal, but they still do help in a pinch.   For now, I’ll keep plugging along and I’ll make sure I do my due diligence when shopping with coupons.

Do you have coupon doubts?

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