I really haven’t been too specific when it comes to our personal finances, but I wanted to share a a personal finance milestone to start the week. After the surge of stocks as the markets closed on Thursday, we finally have seen the black (and likewise, a positive YTD return on our current retirement holdings). We officially have a positive net worth for the first time since being married. In fact, it is the first time we as individuals have had a positive net worth since graduating college. Time to celebrate?

It is a very promising first step to finally see the red turn to black. We have stuck to our budget each month which has been essential in allowing us to save and paying off our debt. We still have a long way to go to pay off our student loans and auto loans (and at some point in the near future, adding a mortgage), but we are making progress. After our tax return gets deposited, we are ready to put a large portion towards our high interest debt. Exciting!

Much of our assets are tied up in our retirement accounts, not that we’re complaining, so there won’t be a mass exodus of cash capital to cover our debt. We still maintain a pseudo cash/emergency fund/house down payment lump sum. That said, we don’t ever intend to ever see a red number again when it comes to our net worth (aside from a mortgage). It is a good feeling to reach our financial goals!

Let’s keep this bull market rolling!

Stupidly Yours,