I am not much of an entertainer.  While I like having company at my house and cooking, I dread the clean up that comes with it.

Too often on Thanksgiving, I find that the host/hostess pays for and prepares the majority of the food and then is also stuck with all of the clean up.  Once in a while this is fine, but if it is the same every time the holidays roll around, maybe it is time to think of a new strategy.

Last Thanksgiving we planned a very small Thanksgiving.  Because our gathering was going to be small, it was going to cost quite a bit out of pocket to buy all of the sides, the turkey, etc.  Instead, we decided to go out to eat on Thanksgiving.  We each paid for our own meal, thus the expense of the holiday was equitably shared, and best of all, there was NO clean up!

I am not saying you should do this for every holiday, but sometimes it is fun to mix up the holiday festivities a bit.  When there isn’t all the cooking and cleaning up to do, you can spend more time with family and enjoy your day a little bit more.  Works for me.