by Andi B.

So we made it…we purchased and moved into our house. The scary flower basket wallpaper and mint green paint had to be taken care of immediately, but we are very happy to be home owners.

People keep asking me what it’s like to be a homeowner and to be honest I’m not sure I know. Nothing’s broken yet. 😉 There’s really not much difference in being a renter and an owner until something breaks or falls apart.

We did take on a bit of extra debt which I’m not proud of (but apparently we can’t live without a refrigerator), however since we were fortunate enough to have equity in the home we purchased, we actually have positive net worth for the first time in years. Our housing expense is also fixed and we don’t have to worry about it doubling on a management company’s whim.

It has already been a real gift, though. We were fortunate enough to buy a home with an apartment on the property. (Although since I’ve read my new favorite blog My Tenant From Hell, I’m not sure fortunate may be the right word.) We had family that needed a place to stay, and are able to provide a space that affords everyone privacy. It also gives a chance to see if we like having people stay there and we can always put a pool table in there and turn it into a woman cave if it doesn’t work out.

I’d love to update more, but there’s a god-awful wallpaper border that has to go. Thank you for checking in with me.

Andi B.

Andi B.