Many people associate college student with being broke or scraping by. However that doesn’t have to be the case.  While you focus on finishing another semester academically, you should also look into building your bank accounts. Being enterprising during college is a great opportunity to test the waters.

Here are  7 ways you can earn and save money while juggling classes.

Earn Cash and Rewards with Online Surveys

Don’t underestimate this option. I’ve used them to get gift certificates, presents, and some cash.

The secret many people have with handling all the surveys is batching them during a slow time of their week. If you have an hour while you’re watching a movie at home, knock out some surveys and earn some money.

Be a Part-time Personal Chef

Some people will pay for a good home-cooked meal, so don’t overlook this option. See if you can star off with your neighborhood and build from there.

Create a ‘Tip’ Jar

Keep your all your loose change in one place and save up some money. It’s also handy if you need change for the laundry. I still have a coin jar and I’ve manage to have $40 in it right now. Once it hits $50 or so, you should take it to the bank and deposit it into a savings account.

Assemble Furniture

If you have a talent for building, then assembling furniture can be a side income that can pay dividends. Use Craigslist to advertise around your area to drum up some business.

Tutor Other Students

Don’t underestimate the income power of tutoring in a subject you are a master at. Check with your school to see how much tutors make and then decide if it’s worth it to apply for that position or to go it alone. Focus on a subject or two that you feel confident enough to be able to help someone move from a C/D student to an A/B student.

Believe or not, pricing yourself higher will probably give you more of the business your want. If students are giving you $20-$30/hour, then they’re usually committed to getting a better grade. You’ll most likely work with fewer students, so your schedule doesn’t have to be crammed.

Be a Waiter(ess) for a Catering Business

The hours might be better suited for you and you can make more hourly than waitressing at some of the smaller restaurants. I worked a couple of times during semester breaks, so it hardly interfered with my schedule.

Organize People’s Homes

Use your neat freak skills to earn some money and help some people by organizing their closets. I think Craigslist can be helpful with this job too.

Making Money in College

I’d shared some ways you can have some money in college, but i know you have some ideas on it too. How did you earn some extra cash during college? What tips do you have on saving cash?