Many of us are looking for ways to increase our income. After all, there is only so much you can do to cut your expenses before you run out of things to remove from your budget. Increasing your income provides you with an active way to approach the situation, and it helps you increase your cash flow.

While the extra income would be nice, though, many of us think that we need to have lots of time available to earn more money. The more time you spend, the more you are likely to make, but there are a few things you can do to add a little more income to your monthly budget without a huge investment of time. Here are 5 ways to increase your income in a couple of hours each night:

1. Produce Online Content

Because the Internet is so important, and content is so important, there is demand for online content. While what you make varies according to your skill level, experience, and what is needed, there are ways to make money online with content. You can provide your services to others, and also write for content sites that pay you for pageviews. Write an article or two a night, and you could make a couple hundred extra dollars a month. Become even more proficient, and you can make even more.

2. Monetize a Web Site

Another option is to monetize a web site. You can use advertising, affiliate programs, and other opportunities to earn money from your web site. A lot of it depends on traffic, though, so you will have to spend some of your time each night marketing your site, and you will need to provide some content a few times a week. With some persistent effort each day, though, it’s possible to, over the course of a few months, begin building up some income from your web site.

3. Create and Sell Crafts

One of the most popular sites is Etsy. If you have a talent for making handicrafts, you can spend two or three hours a night — possibly while you’re watching TV — creating little crafts to sell. You can also do something similar with scrapbooks and other items of interest. If you have a talent for creative production, you can spend some time each day enjoying your hobby while earning a little bit of money.

4. Teach a Skill

You don’t have to make something and sell it online for extra money. Spend some teaching something. You can schedule four half-hour music lessons in a two-hour timespan. You can charge between $10 and $30 (or more) for a half-hour lesson. That amounts to between $40 and $120 for two hours of lessons. Do this two or three times a week, and you have a little more spending money each month.

5. Do Odd Jobs

Offer your services doing odd jobs. Run trash to the dump for others using your pickup truck. Do yardwork for others. Clean one person’s house each day. There are a number of odd jobs that can be done for extra income, and if you do a little extra work two or three times a week, you can see the rewards in extra income.

What can you do in a couple hours each night to earn extra money?

Tom Drake

Tom Drake

Tom Drake writes for Financial Highway and MapleMoney. Whenever he’s not working on his online endeavors, he’s either doing his “real job” as a financial analyst or spending time with his two boys.